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Choosing the Right Quad Watch Winder

Choosing the Right Quad Watch Winder

A 4-piece or quad watch winder is a watch winder that can house up to four automatic watches. It keeps the watches alive when you are not wearing them, skipping you from the necessity to rewind the watches whenever you want to wear them.

When you want to buy a quad watch, there are some recommendations to help you choose the right 4-piece watch winder.

2 Pairs

If you and your spouse share the same affection for automatic watches, buying a 2-pair watch winder is a great idea. This watch winder consists of four niches that are separated into two groups, with each group consisting of a pair of nooks for two watches. Of course, you can buy a double watch winder, which offers two storage spaces for your watches, but a 2-pair watch winder is more commodious than a double watch winder.

Vertical, Horizontal, or Square

The best thing about a quad watch winder is that it can take either an elongated or a square form. You can choose an elongated rectangular form if you want to emphasize a certain physical element of the winder. Pick a vertical 1-column 4-piece winder if you want the winder to look tall and distinguishable or a horizontal 1-row winder if you like stability better.

A square 4-piece winder is considered the conventional and the most common model you will find in most watch winder stores.


When buying a 4-piece watch winder, design mostly becomes among the primary factors you want to mind. A quad watch winder can look either vintage or modern. It can also use high-end leather or hardwood material or cheaper yet fancy faux leather or plastic. Explore all the details about the design of the watch winder that you want to buy to decide whether the one that you finally buy matches not only your needs but also your preferences and taste.

4 Luxury Watch Winder Box Tips to Keep the Performance of Your Favorite Automatic Watches

ilustrasi watch winder

Putting your automatic watch in a luxury watch winder box helps to adjust it, including vintage products that don’t have a quick set date. Ensure that you get the best winder box for perfect protection and maximum performance. Learn the tips to buy the best luxury watch winder box below.

The Number of Watches You Want to Store in A Watch Winder Box

You should know the number of the automatic watches you want to store in a watch winder box. It is related to the size of the watch winder box you need. The bigger the size of a winder, the more expensive it is. One thing for sure is that you don’t need to buy a winder box for each watch. Try to determine the watches that you rarely wear. These automatic watches need to be put in a winder box. This strategy is effective if you have a limited budget to buy a winder box.


As a luxury watch user who often travels, you should consider buying a portable luxury watch winder box. The function is to keep the performance of your favorite luxury watch and protect it during the trip. A portable winder box is often compact. This product is also compatible with AA batteries. As a result, you don’t have to bring cables and look for an electricity port. Put your watch in the box and turn the power on.

Turns per Day

Turns per Day or TPD is another crucial thing when you are looking for an automatic luxury watch winder box. Each watch has a different TPD. Some luxury watches may need 650 TPD, while others need up to 800 TPD. Read the manual or user’s guide to know the number of the TPD. It is an important consideration to keep the ideal turns of your automatic watch.


Watch winder boxes also come with a variety of models. Putting a luxury watch in a stylish winder box will be great. It seems that you keep the value of the watch by storing it in the right place. You can find a winder box in a variety of materials, leather, metal, and wood. Luxury watch winder boxes are often hand-crafted from rare materials. It is the reason why most of these products are more costly than ordinary winder boxes.        

The tips to buy a luxury watch winder box above help you to pick the best one right away. The most important thing is that you can use the box maximally. Your automatic watches will also last longer because of putting them in the right luxury watch winder box.

Rotations Watch Winder – Is It Worth the Money?

Rotations Watch Winder

Rotations watch winder might only sound familiar to those who use automatic watches. It is such a new thing for those who just enter the timepiece world.

Watches and watch winders

Some watch retailers would offer you to own a winder in the first place. So, is it necessary? Should you get one? Is a watch winder worth the money?

In this article, we will break down all things you need to know about watch winders. Before sealing the deal, understanding the basics of this device will help you big time.

A watch winder is a device made to keep an automatic watch in its best condition. The machine is quite complex, though. Once you are not wearing your watch, you can store it inside the winder.

Generally, it looks like a small jewelry box or a safe. The rotations watch winder plays a huge role in keeping the “sanity” of your automatic watch.

Is it necessary?

Many owners of luxury watches prefer using a watch winder instead of doing the job manually. Even though it is not an essential tool you should own, a watch winder may give you a few benefits. As long as you don’t mind the price, you have to buy a winder for your automatic watch.

Using a watch winder helps to take care of the overall longevity of your timepiece collections. The movement of your watch will also get extended with the presence of the oil inside the movement mechanism of the winder.

Of course, you can always manually wind your watch, but is it convenient for you? Having a rotation watch winder helps to keep your timepiece on fleek without dealing with the hassle, even though you didn’t wear it for days.

If you own more than one timepiece, do consider purchasing a winder.

Other than that, the presence of a watch winder helps you to get ready on the go. Meanwhile, it takes time to wind your watch after a few days of no use. You don’t want to miss any special occasion due to manually winding your watch, after all.


For some, buying a watch winder is such a waste of dollars. However, things can be different if you won more than one timepiece and always on the go. Having the tool to wind your automatic watch is such a convenience. Thus, the presence of the rotations watch winder can help to save your time.